Don’t wait until it is too late. Ten questions to ask your insurance agent NOW before wildfire strikes:

How much is my house insured for? How was that amount of coverage determined? If my home was destroyed today, how much would it be depreciated? Do I have the best policy available?

Does my policy cover Replacement Value for my home and personal property?

Does my policy cover Additional Living Expenses? For how long? (Or how much, if it’s a set dollar amount?)

Do I have Extended Replacement coverage? How much? Does it apply to anything besides my house?

How much coverage do I have for my detached garage, shop, and other outbuildings and landscaping?

Does my policy cover the increased cost of upgrades dictated by changes in building codes or laws (Ordinance and Law coverage), and how much?

What does my policy cover if I’m officially evacuated for a fire or any other reason? Do I need to pay the deductible?

Does my policy cover debris removal? How much?

What’s my deductible? How much would I save if I increased it?

Are there any available discounts I could qualify for? Is there anything else I can do to decrease my premium?

For a wealth of information about insurance and how it works, get a copy of Surviving Wildfire.