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Combo: Living With Bears Handbook & 3 Pocket Guides

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Combo Set: the best-selling Living With Bears Handbook and 3 Bear Smart Pocket Guides

Living With Bears Handbook, Updated 2nd Edition
by Linda Masterson

Today bears have a growing people-problem: their “backyards” are full of humans and people-provided food is everywhere. Discover practical solutions and real-world examples of how to prevent conflicts at home and at play so we can do a better job of sharing space with these intelligent, adaptable animals.

A set of 3 Bear Smart pocket guides
Each 4x9 tri-fold is filled with handy tips and advice; retail $7.95

  1. Living in Bear Country: Beary Smart Solutions to help keep bears wild and away from your home and stuff.
  2. Playing in Bear Country: Bear smart tips for hikers and campers, and tells you what to do if you encounter a black bear.
  3. Visiting Bear Country: Get the bear facts and be bear prepared when vacationing where bears roam.


ISBN 978-1-936555-61-1
$24.00 • 288 pages • 6 x 9 softcover • 2016
over 160 photos / illustrations

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