Get Wildfire Smart Pocket Guide


The 6-panel companion pocket guide is jam packed with handy checklists and places for you to record your personal information and contacts. Speaking from firsthand'll find this invaluable when the pressure is on to evacuate and every minute counts.

Get Wildfire Smart Pocket Guide previewChecklists include:

  • An insurance checkup
  • Putting together your Vital Information and Emergency Evacuation kits
  • Creating a family disaster plan
  • Important stuff to gather
  • How to stay alert during wildfire season
  • GO NOW! Evacuation Guide
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Purchased By

  • Berthoud Fire Department
  • Livermore Fire Department
  • Cherokee Meadows Road Assoc
  • Colorado State Forest Service
  • Grand Lake Fire Protection
  • Hemlock Farms Community Association
  • Lake County Emergency Mgmt
  • Larkspur Fire
  • Missouri Dept of Conservation
  • NFPA - Wildland Fire
  • Plumas Eureka, California
  • Rocky Mountain Fire District
  • FireWise - Wyoming
  • Seney National Wildlife Refuge
  • Silver City, New Mexico
  • Woodside Fire Protection, California

Custom Imprint Program

We offer a custom imprint program for organizations, communities and companies that would like to use Surviving Wildfire book, Get Wildfire Smart pocket guide and/or reference cards as fundraiser items, education tools, or a way to reach out to their members, employees, customers or communities living with the risk of wildfire.

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