Insurance Agents

Are your policyholders underinsured? Unaware of how insurance actually works and what it covers? Unprepared to deal with a disaster claim?

It doesn't have to be that way. Now you can give homeowners a straight-talking handbook that will help them get better informed, better insured and better prepared to deal with a major loss.

Surviving Wildfire bridges the gap between policyholder expectations and insurance realities. The combination of in-depth research and real-life examples creates an indispensable tool for insurance professionals that can motivate homeowners living with wildfire risk to take action.

  • Insurance Made Simple: How it Works, What's Covered, How Much is Enough
  • Assessing and Lessening Risk
  • Advance Planning & Preparation that Pays Off
  • Evacuation Essentials & Life-Saving Tips
  • Guide to Recovery: Making it Easier to Move On
  • Filing a Claim: What to Expect, How to Work with Adjustors, How to Collect the Maximum Due
  • Policyholder Success Stories

"I definitely recommend Surviving Wildfire to insurance professionals. It is a great, comprehensive resource! Masterson explains everything in understandable, objective language that is anchored in her personal experience."

Carole Walker, Executive Director
Rocky Mountain Insurance Information Association

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Outreach Tools You Can Use

  • Give 'thank you' copies of the Surviving Wildfire book to your clients
  • Include a book, pocket guide and/or postcards in new-client packages
  • Include in seminar or workshop materials

Custom Imprint Program

We offer a custom imprint program for organizations, communities and companies that would like to use Surviving Wildfire book, Get Wildfire Smart pocket guide and/or reference cards as fundraiser items, education tools, or a way to reach out to their members, employees, customers or communities living with the risk of wildfire.